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Einstein Simplified - Auditions
Open auditions will be held at Scruffy City Hall Tuesday, February 28 after the show. Anyone is welcome to try out regardless of experience level. The only requirements are that you be 21 years old, due to our venue, and that due to the pandemic we have a requirement that anyone looking to join the troupe must be fully vaccinated and boosted. This is for your safety, our safety, and the safety of our fans. After the initial open auditions, call backs will begin.
If you make the cut, then every other week after the show there will be a regular practice/continued audition after that Tuesday's show. The current plan is to do this every other week, but plans may change.
The callbacks/cuts will be done after the first open audition, then at least every other call back, so that no more that two practice/continued auditions go by without clear feedback. Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Einstein Simplified.

Please read the following "rules" and then fill out the audition form below them.  Note #1.
What we expect from you:
  1. Show up for every Tuesday show of Einstein Simplified to demonstrate your commitment and availability to perform with us.
  2. Have proof of vaccination and booster
  3. Participate in the regularly scheduled practice sessions that typically occur every other Tuesday after our show to demonstrate your commitment.
  4. Participate in the post show wrap-up, and provide comments.
  5. Find and read Truth in Comedy as reference will be made to it, and it is an excellent beginning starting point.
  6. You agree to being filmed for the audition/tryout process without compensation, etc. etc...
  7. If you cannot make a show and/or practice, please let all of us know within a reasonable time, so that there is no confusion about why you were not there. Also, if you have any questions or concerns address those to the entire troupe as soon as possible.
What you can expect from us:
  1. We will provide feedback to you during the practices, and after several weeks of participation to assist you with improv development, and demonstrate our commitment to you.
  2. We will answer any questions you have regarding your performance, a game you are asked to play, or anything improv related.
Name: Email Address:
Phone Number: What I do:
Reason: Ramble a bit:
If you have issues with the form, just send us an email at: info@EinsteinSimplified.com
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