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Tuesday - January 19, 2010 - The Night of the Swedes

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:03 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - January 19, 2010 - The Night of the Swedes Reply with quote

Greg was the emcee for the evening, Fennell was still out so Tim took up the slack and joined us on stage.

Sound Effects - Roy and Frank were Investigating the curse of the wombat. Crunchy snow, slishy ice, and shooting woke the wombats who turned out to be the cursing wombats complaining about the noise. Then the wombat residence got rid of the hunters as it was rigged to explode on them by the high tech wombat couple. The infrastructure was pretty much destroyed.

Bending, Sitting, Standing - Paul, Snow, and Mike were inventing the solar powered flashlight. It ended with the Pellissippi State, Roane State, Online State progression.

Emotional Zones - Frank, Roy, and Tim were in the zones of panic, lust, and arrogance. The setup was that illegal cow tipping was occuring. Snow meandered through as a cow with Tim tipping him over three times, then finally he was arrested and taken away in handcuffs - Yeah Baby!

Samurai Argument - Paul and Mike were arguing the finer points of bubblegum with the added feat of appearing to be dubbed. Stick gum is not as good as box gum, bubble-tape works wonders with five feet of flavor, five feet of fun, trident sucks three times, orbitz will circle you, and that's why Paul brought extra.

Jeoparody - Himalyas, sweet sweet honey, stapler, PBR, hari drishnas, cotton candy, meth and grandma were the answers.

Old Folk's Home - Roy the attendant had to figure out that Frank thought he was Whitney Houston, Snow witnessed the invention of the Pez dispenser, and Tim had invented Meth, its popular in trailer parks you know.

Fill in the Blank - Mike and Paul were interviewee and interviewer for a stunt man job. Mike had worked with elephants that resusitated him after he hit his teeth on the low clearance tunnel. As part of the interview Paul had Mike set himself on fire with a giant tampon and scream. The final test was for him to jump off a building, land on a gator and shoot a bullseye with the gun strapped to his back. Needless to say he got the job.

Two Phrases - Snow was the coast guard instructor who could say anything with Tim only able to say "Do whaaat?" and "You used to be cool" and Roy could only say "I know, right." and "Where are you going with this?". Snow was trying to get them to each guard 9 miles of the 27 miles of coast. When that didn't work he had them take three shots to sink the approaching boat. The stench of the sympathizer put an end to the training and Snow shot the boat himself.

Foreign Poet - Frank was the poet from Transylvania with Paul translating. The poem was "My dick was a shoe". Look for the poem in a collection to appear at finer bookstores in your region. Because that's what you do when your dick is a shoe.

World's Worst - Cowboy, job evaluation, zookeepr, auctioneer, love boat captain, executioner, and magic act were the suggestions. The worst is what everyone got.

Actors in a Triangle - The first triangle was Tim and Mike (Antarctica), Mike and Frank (Cougar), and Frank and Tim (moustache). The second triangle was Snow and Roy (Antarctica), Roy and Paul (Moustache) and Paul and Snow (Cougar).

Questions Only - At an ice skating rink there was lots of pondering about why the rink wasn't melting, why you would want to destroy such a beautiful rink (courtesy of the Swede) and then Mike wondered how he got trapped in the ice.

Foreign Film Dub - Frank and Snow dubbed Mike and Paul as the were in the Swedish film "Norway Sucks - Going for the Bronze". Ferntuh schewn der fulturbin! It was great!

Lassie - Lassie Roy conveyed to Snow that timmy was with Dolph Lungren trafficking in tribbles. That went all too quickly so Lassie Paul conveyed to Tim that the younger timmy was with David Hasselhoff breaking into a German Grandmother's liquor cabinet. This one took a while but Tim finally got every bit of it, even though Rule Brittania got him to say America.

Chain Murder - Snow, Mike, Tim and Frank (in that order) had to get that they were in a sand box by the pyramids, an iron chef and the weapon was a lottery ticket. The first pairing went well then it kinda faltered. The guesses were egypt, egypt and sandbox in egypt; lifeguard, lifeguard on a small beach, iron chef; and finally lottery ticket was the all correct.

Chair Board Winners: Cindy and Helena (watch the language ladies) and Jennifer Irwin-Morris.
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