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Tuesday - January 26, 2010 - The Night of the Biscuits

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:51 am    Post subject: Tuesday - January 26, 2010 - The Night of the Biscuits Reply with quote

The emcee for the evening was Frank, with Dave Fennell returning from paternal leave.

Monosyllabic Theatre - In the Bahamas things went well until the polysyllabics flew. We did learn a great deal about the culture.

Confessional - Father Mike heard the confessions of Roy (impersonated Don Knotts), Greg (exposed himself to a blind guy), and Paul (naughty with fruit). Roy threw out just about every Don Knotts impression you could think of from Limpett to Scooby-Doo and Mr. Chicken to Mr. Furley. Greg had traveled three blocks since his last confession and ran into a handsie fellow. Paul dropped innuendos like ripe fruit and a penny-arcade reference was made by Mike.

Irish Drinking Song for The Deaf (combo) - Paul, Roy, Snow and Greg were the singers with Fennell interpreting for the deaf. The topic, picking up girls at the bar. Entertaining and educational it was all in there. Which leads us to...

If You Know What I Mean - Mike and Snow were released from prison and were at a bus station. Tickets, shankings, to Topeka, and Fennell as ticket taker and bus driver.

Four Words - Greg (beekeeper), Fennell (shuffle), Paul (salmon), and Roy (robust) were in the copy room. An excellent run around with Mr. Salmon having to swim upstream madly, robust cologne filtering through, and someone making off with coffee.

Invader - Mike provided the clues to Snow who had to get that Heidi Montag was invading, the barrier was common sense and the weapon was talent. The invader was tough going, but a tripping Thomas Payne and the obvious weapon sped the end.

185 - Walking into the bar were jackals, puppets, hobbits, car salesmen, pintos, late night talk show hosts and angels.

Every Other Line - Shakespeare - Fennell read from a Shakespeare play as Snow was free form. Snow was Chuck, the king's messenger delivering a message to good sir Larry. Ah how the lines fit in perfectly.

Fixed Expressions - Greg (happy), Mike (sad) and Paul (scared) were at a wedding. Its a visual, you had to be there.

Last CD Store - Fennell had to figure out that Snow wanted Air Supply's "Lost in Love", Roy needed Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around", and Paul had to have Lady Gaga's "Papparazzi". It was a very Air Supply store.

When I Was Young - The old men reminisced about visiting grandma, having kids, gas prices, and the bathroom.

Superheroes - The crisis: Lady Gaga and Richard Simmons had combined their DNA. The heroes: Fennell-Teflon man, Mike-Spatula boy, Greg-Koala kid, Paul-Captain Legos. Fennell just couldn't stay stuck or standing, Mike kept flipping him, Greg was cuddly, and Paul constructed all over the place.

Survivor - Roy, Mike, Paul and Snow were kids at a day care. Roy and Snow started paired up with Mike and Paul paired up as the block struggle ensued, the juice box fridge was raided and a slap fight broke out. Out first was Roy, then Mike, then Paul and finally Snow gave a long final version, some details were obfuscated.

Dentist - DDS Greg treated Fennell, finally figuring out that Fennell was from Moscow, Idaho, was a tap dancer and had bitten into a very hard potato.

I Like My Women - Like what? Like microwaves, cheese, myspace, shoes, ice cream, and mustaches. What a ride.

Doo Run Run - The names were Claire (bye Fennell), Marv (bye Snow), Jill (bye Greg), Bob (bye Mike) and Maude (bye Roy). Paul was the last one standing. Note that halfway through it was double-speed.

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