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Tuesday - March 23, 2010 - The Night of Creepy Flipping

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:34 am    Post subject: Tuesday - March 23, 2010 - The Night of Creepy Flipping Reply with quote

The emcee for the evening was Mike Richardson.

Rant - The topics were inconsiderate movie goers and littering. Remember babies don't like movies and cats need to stay in the box.

Switching Scenery - Fennell and Snow were ventriliquists in the days of vaudevill and Roy and Paul were designing the best speed bump ever. Dummies and trees dominated along with a mannequin assist in the speed bump redesign.

Great Moments In... - Fondue, Health care, passion, balloon making, conquest and candy making. Hmm, how to get them into the van?

Blöchbuster - Snow was the proprietor with Paul renting Blazing Saddles, Greg going for Angels in the Outfield (two second guess), and Frank the ever popular From Justin to Kelly, gotten suprisingly fast.

Bending, Sitting, Standing - Roy, Fennell and Greg were to switch positions whenever Mike rang the bell. Put in a concert venue a lost contact started the chaos.

Keanu says what - The most awesome topics were: couch, windmill, and potato. Whoa, that clocks says its three o'clock and nine thirty at the same time.

Good, Bad, Ugly - Frank, Paul and Snow gave advice on the census, riding a bike, and getting in shape for summer. Remember to put your potential residents down last.

5 In 5 Out - Paul, Roy, Fennell, Greg and Snow themed off of winning the lottery.

Dentist - DDS Frank helped Greg out finally understanding that he was from St. Bernard Parish, was a window installer and was there because he had too much Big League Chew.

Jeoparody - The answers were: white russian, moose, and yearbooks. How will YOU remember to have a great summer?

Samuri Argument - Paul and Fennell discussed meat products. Beefy!

Beatnick Poetry - Frank postulated on Garbage Pail Kids, Greg, oh Greg, was all about the poptarts, and Roy rounded on donuts, or did he?

Go To Hell - Roy was transformed into the devil before he could round on the donuts. Sent to hell were Fennell who detoured people on facebook, Frank was an inside trader, and Paul killed Chuck Norris with a dirty Sanchez.

185 - Walking in to the bar were: Gremlins, Flamingoes, lemons, Lutherans, jenga layers, hitch hikers, elves, and barbies.

Chain Murder - Snow, Greg, Paul and Frank had to get that it was in Narnia, as a shepard, with a musical note. Narnia and shepard were spot on but that single note was a stumbler. Best Mr. Tumnus walk by Paul for the tip jar win.

Chair Board Winners - Jennifer Irwin-Morris for Gatlinburg Screenfest passes.
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