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Tuesday - March 30, 2010 - The Night of an Irish Plane Crash

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:59 am    Post subject: Tuesday - March 30, 2010 - The Night of an Irish Plane Crash Reply with quote

Your emcee for the evening was Paul Simmons, and absent was Mike Richardson.

Blind Freeze Tag - Hey you started out the freezing and went through GPS, UFO, wolverines, poison, massage and a happy ending.

Living Scenery - Frank and Fennell were at a Sam's Club picking up giant containers of toiletries, then grazing in the produce isle and finally stuffing an extra orange in the bag.

Mixed-Up Newscast - Greg anchored with Fennell (shell shocked), Snow was weather (elephantitis), and Frank had sports (falsetto voice). The shock increased as we saw that it was a localized elephantitis and Mickey told us all about sports.

That Sounds Like a Song - Greg and Roy snuck into Nancy Pelosi's house where they sang about hot air, boy toys, the year 2000 and the quite catchy defibrillator song.

History - Frank, Fennell, Snow and Roy gave the history of the body farm. Prehistoric, repopulation, Alexander the Great, Napolean, zombies, Eugenics, Captain America, stinky Knoxville, Frankenstein, and Ole McBassy had a farm.

Actors in a Box - Snow and Greg argued about what to do for Spring Break, Greg and Roy bought a defibrillator on eBay, Roy and Frank were western oriented with cactus, and Frank and Snow discovered excalibur.

Evil Gum - Frank was the evil gum that Snow was chewing, while Fennell kept wondering what was up with Snow. Snow demonstrated great surgical skill.

ER - Dr. Snow fixed Frank (addicted to March Madness), Greg (white stripe syndrome), and Roy (Always takes down curtains).

World's Worst - The things that were worsted: way to fix healthcare, extreme sports, hockey player, song titles, way to come out to parents, stripper names, car names, and proposals. A canonical list of worst extreme sports was presented.

Emotional Objects - The objects and emotions were Cane-Annoyed, Hat-Napolean complex, Flask-Happy, and Rubiks Cube-Narsacisstic. Roy, Greg, Fennell and Snow were at Hogwarts with all of these.

Survivor - Taking the emotional objects scene to the next level, the ones ousted in order were Fennell, Greg, and Roy, with Snow left to do the entire scene solo.

Faking it for the Deaf - Fennell interpreted as Frank and Greg instructed viewers on how to build a guillotine, Snow provided a test subject as himself.

Things You Can Say - About your dog, mother, cowboy boots, diary and exams.

Chain Murder - An extra special chain with 5 participants. In order we had Roy, Greg, Snow, Fennell and Frank. The location was cotton eyed joe, the occupation was color commentator and the weapon was a laser pointer. While the weapon was perceived spot on each time with the exact same means of death (to the eye) and sound effect, the occupation wasn't as solid and the location was off target from the beginning.

Chair Board Winners - none
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