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Tuesday - July 27, 2010 - The Night of Mike's Frottage

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:26 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - July 27, 2010 - The Night of Mike's Frottage Reply with quote

Your host for the evening was Dave Fennell, doing his best Panama Jack impression with a vacation tan.

Freeze Tag - Aaron and Frank started with X and 3 as their positions. Belly flops, belly landings, hug fest and then an instructional moment on how to properly snap a neck.

E.R. - Doctor Paul quickly diagnosed Snow with Solar depression, Greg with backwards hands and Frank's were hamster condition. Snow was treated for Caruso syndrome. Did he look good in sunglasses? YEAH!

Dead Bodies - Mike was the lone living actor in the opening night of "Attack of the porcelain john". Snow as Margaret spoke of the moose loose on Magnolia and pina coladas. Aaron was the Irish policeman with an outrageous accent and muppet moves. Greg was the porcelin john, who attacked women at night. Another crime solved.

Fixed Lines - Frank could only say "Give me back my son", Roy could only say "Oh my load, loafers" and Paul could say anything. The scene was about the midgets under floorboards. Lots of loafers, cobbling and finally a reuniting of sorts.

The Future Of... - Curtains, Spicy food, Sugar gliders, and Diapers. Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Emotional Zones - Mike, Greg, and Aaron were in the zones of Angst, Panic and Euphoria times two. Mike did momentarily fist the tip jar during the ask fors. Fixing a washing machine started it, three naked men making for sextupled euphoria ended it.

Sky Diving Instructor - Instructor Snow had to help Roy (covered in fire ants), Frank (in line for the bathroom @ the movies) and Paul (loves Barbie dolls) out of the plane. Painful bites, swollen bladder, and a dreamhouse made for an excellent lesson.

World's Worst - Smart phone, Dental hygienist, smuggler and Gynecologist. Yes, we took it this time.

Letter Replacement - Paul and Snow were in Ohio looking for carnies at the State fair where "U" was replaced with "O". Mike made in appearance and guessed weights sounding Swedish. WTF closed it oot.

Inner Thoughts - Greg and Aaron were going to Six Flags as Frank and Roy were their innner thoughts. What a date. Roller coasters and British golf carts.

Pickup Artist - Dave hit on Frank as Dave constantly licked his teeth and was in love with grandpa. Mike hit on Dave as Mike became terrified of Yiddish and then loved Dave's buttons. The word of the day is Frottage.

Living Scenery - Aaron and Paul were at a Megadeath concert selling counterfeit goods. Greg and Roy were in Alaska building a pipeline. Aaron and Paul were piped out, finally they turned it around and played the Mugadeath DDR two player version.

Deaf Jam -DJ Huff 'n' Puff played "I touch myself" for Mike (see this week's night of), "Green grass and high tides" for Snow, and "Good at drinking beer" for Paul. Don't ask us how squirrels get in cabinets and why Huff has low jam.

Lassie - Round 1: Lassie Aaron helped Frank realize that Timmy was in Indonesia with Regis Philben in the Phantom of the Opera. Round 2: Lassie Greg got Paul to realize that Timmy was with Jason Stathom in Del Rio making moonshine.

Doo Run Run - The names were Bob, Stan, Barb, Luke, Will, and Nick. Touch the what?

Chair Board Winners: Jere Murphy and Adam Williams.
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