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Tuesday - August 10, 2010 - The Night of the Gossip Loop

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:27 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - August 10, 2010 - The Night of the Gossip Loop Reply with quote

Greg Huff was the host for the evening with special guest Brad Bumgardner.

Sound Effects - Paul and Snow were on a playground looking for a unicorn. One showed up (Mike) after Paul had been shot and used his magic healing horn. Off goes the unicorn and Dave gets shot. Back comes the unicorn and with the help of Paul worked up a great healing thrust.

Channel Surfing - Fennell (Food Network), Brad (Sci-Fi), Roy (Animal Planet), and Frank (Trinity) were showing us what was on at 4:32 A.M. Frank advised all those just back from drinking to call in and read out their mastercard numbers. Fennell was drunk and eating weird things in other countries that tasted like Marlboros. Brad was contacting Ziggy to see the percentage chance of having to be in drag (48.9%). Roy had house music playing while out clubbing seals. Frank healed Roy while Fennell lifted his wallet. Roy had a three digit security code. Fennell showed his cleavage to prove how good spaghetti can taste.

One Voice Interview - MikeAaron was interviewd by Paul as an expert electrician. Introduced as Scooter McFreely he offered answers from his book about getting started in electricity. It started with a three tine fork and light sockets. As a High School drop out wiringin 200 volts where 30 volts was needed resulted in death. Why electrician? They get all the chicks, while plumbers get all the sh**. Note, always wear underwear in case you die. The first call was from a farmer wanting to run power to his meth la...er chicken coop. The advice was 200 feet away from the propane tank. Next call yielded plastic spork, and the final call was from the Meth task force looking for a coop with burned chickens.

Action Film - Brad the hero (Captain Left Foot the Marine) and his sidekick Paul (Private Right Foot Boy) matched wits with Snow (Dr. Athlete's Foot) and his minion Fennell (Gangrene). The incident at Foot U led to evil, communal showers without flip flops, gas and whiskey, taco bell escape plans, and a Benny Hill style chase scene with a three-legged race to victory.

There's a Blank in my Soup - In the soup we found accountants, lugnuts, sexist midgets, bubblegum and dreadlocks.

Dentist Chair - DDS Aaron treated patient Frank a cosmonaut from Moscow who drank too much potato vodka.

Monosyllabic Theatre - In a therapist office it was pure craziness ending on a long explanation about frogs and missing toads.

National Anthems - Brad sang for PiggyTailYa, Roy for BingoBanga and Snow for Artherland.

Bartender - Bartender Frank and live performer Snow on the guitar heard the issues of Fennell (a cheating dog), Aaron (no jetpacks yet), and Paul (Beat up by a Leprechaun).

Last Thing You Expect To Hear - About christenings, track meet and then it became what you Want to hear in a locker room and an old folks home.

Hangover - Brad had a rough night out. So rough that he needed Mike and Roy to help him remember that he was out with Cap'n Crunch at the Roxbury where they had smuggled blood diamonds.

Scenes From A Hat - The scenes were caught joining the mile high club, auditions for superman, fighting over a girl convincing the other guy to take her, and gossip in a beauty salon. Superman and call backs galore. A new record.

Every Other Line - Brad jumped up to grab two books which he promptly had to hand over to Frank and Snow. A double read with the gentlemen asleep in a bubblegum machine which changed immediately into a bank scene with NO mention of bubblegum or machines.

Animatronics - Allison moved Snow and Carrie moved Roy as Roy instructed Snow in the art of swimming. Nice work Roy.

Lassie - Paul was Lassie getting Snow to realize that Timmy was with Stewie and that they had killed Kenny. All around the guessing bush they chased the answer, finally popping Kenny. Next Roy was Lassie conveying to aunt Frank that Timmy was with Dolph Lungren belly dancing at a hookah bar.

Chair Board Winners - Tom, Jennifer, Craig, Laura and Megan.
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