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Tuesday - November 16, 2010 - The Night of McPalin

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:01 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - November 16, 2010 - The Night of McPalin Reply with quote

Roy De La Rosa was the emcee for the evening.

The pre-show videos featured by Roy were:
David Bowie - Let's Dance

Of Montreal - Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Things

MGMT - Electric Feel

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

ABC/First Line,Last Line - Starting on a double Dave, the letter "E", in Ethiopia, and "Every animal in this country has a pouch". Jesus thanks, Messiah don't care, step your punk ass back, very good, zero kidding here this is a hospital (twice), don't you understand I have four armed people here I can't make you laugh (unless you find four armed people funny), kidding ya gotta be kidding. Starting and ending on oopsies with the alphabet.

Actors In A Two-Sided Box - Mike and Paul hatching a plan to take down the Keebler elves, Paul and Snow are escaping from Ascaban, Snow and Aaron (Keebler), Aaron and Mike (Ascaban). Aaron and Mike start with Aaron as a tree, Paul and Mike burn the tree if it weren't for fudge, Paul and Snow weak limbicus, repairicus, Snow and Aaron with the fudge packing, Mike climbs Aaron and calls for a Griffon, Mike and Paul pack in the fudge and plan to light it, Paul becomes a landing pad, Snow and Aaron put in a long wick, Greg lands on Aaron then Mike and Aaron fly away, Paul and Snow fly away on Griffon Greg.

Bending, Sitting, Standing - Fennell, Greg and Frank are at a baseball game. Slow pacing, Greg with infinite hot dogs, and Frank describing the whole game and a very bizarre wave.

Jeoparody - Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Goose, Ocho Cinco, Haiku, Green Beans, and Marxism.

Emotional Zones - Paul, Snow and Mike were in the zones of fearless excitement, embarassment, and angst. All three were playing croquet.

Mad Men/Ad Jingle - Frank (name badges), Aaron (toilet cleaner) and Fennell (eggplant) sang the jingles. Aaron started with a rockin' anthem, Fennell had a short jingle, then Frank had a Mexican stylin' badges jingle.

Deaf Jam - DJ Greg spun the tunes and Mike requested the 90's pop tune Mmm Bop, Snow wanted the 50's Put Your Head on my Shoulder, and Paul was going for My Boyfriend's Back. Snow came in first and while the Huffster got off to a bizarre start he got it quickly with a metal version. Paul was next and while the friend girl was thrown out, Greg got it requesting something from the 90's. Then came Mike with his sponge wand/moron stick. Finally a pop got Greg on the right track.

Mixed-Up Newscast - Anchor Snow and co-anchor Aaron (wants to spend the rest of his life being a ballerina) with sportsman Frank (thought he was in North by Northwest) and weatherman Paul (from Russia drinking vodka). The big story was sushi being a menace. Clouds lightly drank and forecasted cold fronts with staggering, Aaron was posing in Danskins, Jim Cleats recapped the entire Northwest plot.

Director’s Cut - The movies were Casablanca, Big Trouble in Little China, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Halloween, and Top Gun.

Every Other Line - Paul and Mike read from the plays while Snow provided the missing lines. They were in a fable about stealing. It was a birthday for Paul and Snow surprised him. Mike as Jeff came in to help celebrate and the fun spread to the garden and back.
Watch it: You Tube

Dead Bodies - Fennell moved the dead bodies in a rock opera documentary on Sarah Palin's Alaska. Frank came in as Sarah and sang about Alaska being better than Nebraska. Greg was a nose-rubbing native searching for seal blubber while singing and dancing. Aaron came in as Sarah's husband and sang an amazing duet.

I Like My Women Like I Like My - Lawnmower, balloon, basketball, glacier, and jumper cables.

Down on the Farm - Farmer Frank had to figure out that Paul was a caribou filled with a smaller caribou but he is NOT pregnant, Greg was a road runner stalking Newt Gingrich and Aaron was a pyromaniac parakeet.

Pick-Up Aritst - Fennell sat down with Snow sliding in as a psychic then he turned into the incredible hulk. Next was Mike preoccupied with the next Harry Potter film and then reverted to his teenage self. Next was Paul who just won the world wrestling heavyweight championship and then thought quoting movie lines would get him a date. Then came Aaron as the head of the chess club and then selling kittens out of his trench coat. Nothing better than a domestic short hair.

Scattered Lines - Frank and Greg went out and came back in the cricket segment of the highland games. The lines worked out quite well. W.

Chair Board Winners - None.
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