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Tuesday - March 9, 2010 - The Night of the Thin Mints

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:43 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - March 9, 2010 - The Night of the Thin Mints Reply with quote

Greg Huff hosted the evening with special guests Jason Henderson and Todd Covert.

Rant Die - Bad Grammar (Out goes Fennell), Daylight savings time and Jason departs very quickly, then funerals where it ended on Grandma and a toilet.

Emotional Rewind - Mike, Fennell, and Paul were pool boyes in tahiti. The scene ran through and then was redone as fearful, then extasy and that was more than enough.

Letter Replacement - Todd and Snow had O replace E where they were investigating a stolen appliance. With the stove being stolen it sounded like a bunch of Scotsmen. It was groat.

Director's Cut - The movies were Hurt Locker, Precious, Avatar, Green Mile and The Shining.

Fortune Teller (New Game) - Roy was the fortune teller trying to figure out that Snow was going to break the Donkey Kong record, Todd was trying to find Waldo for the last time, and Frank was going to have twitter renamed for him, that's right, fire off a Murph. Madame Cocksukeria had a time figuring it all out, but made it in the end.

Sound Effects - Paul and Fennell were solving the mystery of the zoo robbery where ducks were all over the place and dead lion's had no pride.

Rhyming Couplets - The subject to start it was New Jersey, and it became a rap battle ending all too soon. Word.

Animatronics - Vicki and Jan moved Paul and Jason as they went curling. Bob sledding? Rules? Sweep with your face.

Bartender - Todd played the role of Jukey on the guitar, with Snow getting to be the bartender. Fennell had robbed a girl scout for her samoas and sang it to the random button. Roy had lost his man card and sang a melancholy John Mayeresque song. Paul had won a Toyota and sang it as a punk song. All three were grand.

Na´ve Superhero (New) - Mike had to guess that he was Captain Not So Awesome who's power was buzzkill and his weakness was hats. Frank had a party that Mike killed (oh look, stairs). It took a while but CNSA finally got it all.

Last Thing You Expect To Hear - Dry cleaners, construction site, day car, butcher shop, fallout shelter, strip club, and a homeless shelter.

Scattered Lines - Roy and Mike were at a dance school with some of the lines being: "Bueller, Bueller", "You got a purdy mouth", "Sit down and shut up", and "There's a jungle cat in the bathtub" to name a few.

Chair Board Winners - None.
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