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Tuesday - August 3, 2010 - The Night of I'm Okay!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:19 pm    Post subject: Tuesday - August 3, 2010 - The Night of I'm Okay! Reply with quote

Aaron Littleton hosted for the first time with Greg and Frank out on road trips. The big announcement was that the troupe will be performing for the last time at Sullivan's on August 24th, and then they will be moving to The Square Room on Market Square on August 31st.

First Line, Last Line - What the hell are you doing to my pudding? Your pudding is delicious. Allow me to show you my cherry tomatoes. They're out of season. Wake up in the middle of the night, smoke monsters and crying.

Fill In The Blanks - Paul and Fennell were protesting at Arby's. Meat was murder and Yeah just agreed on the sign front. Ninja penguins and smurfs showed up. Apparently Arby's has gone full service with sponge baths, free curly fries and massages. McDonald's has countered with fluffers.

Director's Cut - The movies were Gangs of New York, Jurassic Park, Steel Magnolias, The Green Mile, Titatnic, Avatar, The Hurt Locker, and The Terminator.

Party Quirks - Mike hosted the party and had to figure out that Snow had stolen Tom Selleck's moustache, Paul had a hula hoop addiction, and Roy would spin grandma's records on his head.

Questions Only - At the bus stop, what time? is that medicine? how high? old and annoying, and donde est l'autobus?

Helping Hands - Roy had on the jacket and Paul provided his hands, Fennell was the assistant and the dog groomers. Shampooing and that's all we'll say.

Irish Drinking Song - Fennell, Snow, Paul and Mike sang about the Waffle House. Now how ya gonna rhyme waitresses?

Blöchbuster - Snow was working the counter and had to get DragonHeart for Mike, My Best Friend's Wedding for Paul, and Kick Ass for Roy. In a rare audible switch Paul and Roy traded movies. The clue that finally got Snow to DragonHeart? Its a sh***y Sean Connery movie, DragonHeart was the next word out of his mouth.

When I Was Young - The old men reminisced about walking in the snow, european vacations, politics, and lingerie.

Actors In A 2-Sided Box - Mike and Snow were migrant works and Roy and Snow were in Russian history (Roy and Paul were migrant workers as well; Paul and Mike doubled up on the Russian history). Shifting accents, Australian and British migrant workers, contraband vodka, spying on Poland, baguettes, French spy? and the everything accent.

New Choice - Roy and Fennell were skating at the aquarium. Ice skating that is. Couple skates, all skates, and shifting songs.

I Like My Women Like I Like My... - Ninjas, guitarists, board games, floss, hot sauce, beer, and theme parks.

Number of Words - Fennell had 2 words, Paul had 6 and Snow had any amount he wanted. Fennell and Paul were enlisting in the army. Nothing like some mono-syllabic utterings, quick agreements, and jar head enthusiasm.

The Oracle - MikePaulRoy made up the Oracle from the ground up. Parenthood, where babies come from, stopping global warming, how to shut up a co-worker, the best way to eat eggs, and the path to enlightenment were the questions. The path? Corn flakes and applesauce!

CSI Miami - 7-11 bathroom, hot dog stand, construction site, Victoria's Secret, Bookstore, water park and Elton John's house were the locations.

Down On The Farm - Farmer Roy had to get Paul (helium filled armadillo), Snow (Guido Ananconda) and Fennell (Nicholas Cage, that was it) back into the barn. What a farm that was.

Blind Film Dub - Mike and Snow dubbed for Roy and Paul respectively. Roy was a Korean hitman and Paul was a lovely Alaskan spy in "The Curtains of our Life". A fireman's carry and couple's handcuffing were grand.

90, 60, 30 - Snow was robbing a bank where Fennell was a teller. Roy helped open the vault, Paul heard a shot and was subsequently shot himself, but he was okay (shot again). Mike came in as the driver (shot, but okay), Paul would drive (shot again), Mike came in again (shot again), and Paul popped up two more times and you guessed it, shot but okay again. Time! All down to 7.5 seconds, Paul's okay.

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