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Tuesday August 24, 2010 - The Night of the Farewell

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The Recapper

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:12 pm    Post subject: Tuesday August 24, 2010 - The Night of the Farewell Reply with quote

Mike Richardson was the host for the evening, with Brad Bumgardner and special retiree guests Bill Slayden and Todd Covert.

Blind Freeze Tag - Brad and Roy started with bikinis, then anaconda, tees, giant, shake weight, hola, nasa, and chair trade.

Fill In The Blank - Paul (a.k.a. Frank) was a professor in bikinwaxology and Greg was the pupil. A demonstration rake for grooming, be rough, the 5th grade? Nipple waxing (pull tight), mule wax, smooth nipple, look like a cylon now grab the table.

TriForce - Three triangles for this one. The first one was Brad and Fennell (hot dogs), Fennell and Greg (spend money), Greg and Brad (sky diving). Tandem, 6 dogs becomes 25, 24 hours 8 million to Paris and a hooker, don't be concerned about the Koala be concerned about the pack being between us, perfect sound, syphillis cure, summer breeze gold brinks and melts like cheese. Second triangle was Aaron and Todd (hot dogs), Todd and Paul (spend money), and Paul and Aaron (sky diving). Beer self-serve and Freaky Friday at the ballpark, throw money at the poor with hobo fishing, skydiving virgins shoot on, ladies room kotex freaky Friday proved by the Braves winning, tag the hobo ear, chess set should have been magnetic connect 4. Third triangle was Snow and Roy (hot dogs), Roy and Frank (spend money), and Frank and Snow (sky diving). Testes and test pilots, can't buy it power? money money money, gabriel push out tandem, sprite and hot dogs.

Foreign Poet - Paul was from Lichtenstein with Fennell translating the poem of the found goat. After the first verse Todd came out and translated from Fennell's yokel to British English. Bill played the part of the goat.

Answering machine - Tiger Woods, Burt Reynolds, Bruce Campbell, Sly Stallone, Kate Goslin, and Harrison Ford.

Living Scenery - Snow and Aaron had the word radiation and Paul and Todd had the word Darwinism. Realtor mask and counter with a big horn, fossils paleolithic man louis armstrong sounds, heavy suit umbilical hands, positioning lonely man pcik, burning hands shove it in, mating ritual.

Every Other Line - Roy (reading) and Frank were on their way to the moon landing. Coming in, conclusion?, tip of the nose is for the chimps, get the other glasses, close the door, ringing the bells.

Invader - Bill was guessing and Todd gave the clues. Bobbleheads were invading, the barrier was red velvet cake and the weapon was Scott Pilgrim. The last one was an assist by Snow.

Superheroes - Snow was applesauce man dealing with the pepperjack crisis, Frank came in as bouncing boy to help, Paul was 1888 super brothel madam, and Greg was the random latin phrase kid.

Jeoparody - The answers were Houdini, DC, Vegan, Dali, and Rollerskates.

Stunt Doubles - Paul and Roy were going to Easter Island to retrieve a dead canary for Paul's dead animal connection. They needed a moped and bag, bunny suit, cheetos and beet. Off to Atlanta while hiding eggs in passing trucks. Arm wrestle the ticket attendents and then annoy the flight staff with Marco Polo. Switch the bunny suit then topple the statues, battle the local inhabitants while distracting them with a bunny suit dance. Brad and Greg performed the actions quite well. Suprise Greg, you get to wear the suit now.

Go To Hell - Frank was the devil as Snow had built an evil ostrich, Fennell had started the order of Steen Seaga and Paul had walked in on his parents and went to Disneyland.

Game Show - "Push Me, Pull You" was the game show, Paul was the host and the contestants were Snow (Bob) and Todd (Mike) with audient Sharon. Paul was Rosie (the Jetson's robot), a triple crown winning horse, spokesman for South Dakota, and finally a pilot pre-take off.

Chain Murder - In a very large all play it started with Greg know that it was in Austria, done by a plastic surgeon with a sled. The order was Greg, Aaron, Frank, Fennell, Paul, Todd (answering in full English), Roy, Snow, Bill and finally Brad.

Then it was the theme song and a farwell to Sullivan's which had hosted us for the past nine years and The Old City for the past 16 years. See you at The Square Room next Tuesday.

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