Rebecca Gill (Beckie), keyboardist and musician, has lived in Kentucky most of her life. A teacher of Music (instrumental, choral and general), Dance and Theater, Beckie has "musically educated" students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade for almost 21 years. A year ago, Beckie moved to the Knoxville area with her 17-year-old son and began teaching in the Knox County School System. In November of last year, she played the role of a Nun and party guest in the Oak Ridge Playhouse's production of "The Sound of Music" and had the desire to pursue more theater experience. Last April Beckie played her keyboard in the orchestra for the Bijou Theater's production of "Annie". A few months ago after seeing her first "Einstein Simplified" show, Beckie approached a few of the troupe members and asked, "Do you know Laura Hall on Who's Line Is It Anyway?" "Well, I can do that!" And so she has, since August 12, 2003.
And then she had to depart us to deal with her career, such is the life of a musician.
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