Brad Bumgardner-Formal Bad Ass
Brad has always been a resident of the great city of Knoxville. Growing up, he showed true talent and genius in science and problem solving. Always a thinker. Always ready for a mental challenge. Always ready with a good comeback. Brad studied his "everyday" craft at Pellissippi State and acquired a degree in video production technology. He currently works for Charter Media, the production arm of Charter Communications, One of the largest and technically advanced cable systems in the world. (Paul Allen Rules!) Unfortunately his busy schedule and stressful deadlines have lead him to a comic outpouring in his spare time. It's the best way to keep sane. Brad enjoys Sci-Fi movies, Animation, Video games, Michael Crichton novels,.......and leftovers. Never underestimate him,...he's very clever. Plus he can open a can of green beans with his butt muscles.
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