Who is Brad C. Hodson? A question that resounds through the hearts of America's youth. When recently interviewed by YM Magazine, Brad opened up a bit.
YM: So, what got you interested in Einstein Simplified?
BCH: Well, I have always felt that I had a knack for making people cry.
YM: What exactly does that have to do with an improv comedy troupe?
BCH: Look, I don't like your tone.
YM: I'm sorry? My tone? I was just curious as to what bearing making
          people cry had on improv comedy?
BCH: I'm not on trial here.
YM: Trial? Mr. Hodson, I...
BCH: (interrupting) THAT'S IT!

Mr. Hodson then stood, throwing his glass of Boone's Farm Strawberry Punch onto my shirt and stumbled drunkenly from the studio.
So the question remains: Who is Brad C. Hodson? The world may never know....

Brad went to a festival, met his bride, then moved to Birmingham, AL, then to L.A. after starting a troupe called Happy No Where, then started doing the L.A. thing. What he is up to now? Your guess is as good as ours.
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