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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: Jenny Kitty
Sent: Thu July 26 2001 11:31 AM

Alright, it seems that I have overlooked the fact that I just turned two years old as an audience member, I don't regret a thing guys, some nights I don't remember thanks to the pitcher, but I'm pretty sure I was laughing. You guys rock!! <3333 smooches ~Kitty

Name: Barry
Homepage: http://www.onewingrecords.com
City: knoxville
Sent: Wed July 25 2001 06:20 PM

Hey, where's the song we recorded? I thought you were putting it on the site. Just wondering. Keep 'em laughing!

Name: Ceri Hanson
City: Knoxville
Sent: Tue July 24 2001 05:38 PM

How come when my friend and I are "dressed up" we get all this good wholesome attention..I mean, for crying out loud, we try and leave and ROB (i have never seen before in my life) tries to invite us back in for a drink. And then on the way home, boys try and race us in their trucks to see how fast we'll go to stay with them, oops until the cops are driving along side us and all the sudden they can't peak 40..on Kingston Pike, the speed limit is 45, go 50..after all, the cop was. Anywho, do you know how hard it is for us two lovely ladies to walk to our cars without being swooned at...I mean, I'm not complaining but it's not until we pass the Rainbow Club that the hollars aren't directed to us anymore...we made it. But seriously guys, don't walk, or drive alone at night, it's not safe...and oh, Todd has no excuse to look down anyone's shirts anymore (the bench is gone) but the offer always stands for me and me alone....watch out ladies, he's mine...:) The moral of the story is: Rub cheese on each other's neck and attend Improv every Tuesday Night at Patrick Sullivan's and you shall live a prosperous, full of excitement, life! Take care of yourself, and each other.--Jerry Springer (the worst show ever, but the man's got a good point) Anywho, you guys kick ACE, I can't wait for school to start back up so that I can make sure to drop the books to come see you guys.. Hasta Pasta, Ceri I guess no one wanted to play laser tag, but if for some chance you do, email me (see 2 messages below) :)

Name: Mikey
Sent: Sat July 21 2001 09:53 AM

Check out www.fictionfx.com. I found pictures of Brad in a towel.

Name: Ceri Hanson
City: Knoxvull
Sent: Wed June 27 2001 05:29 PM

Hey, STEINERS AND FANS (Yes that includes anyone reading this and lives in Knoxvull)--Who'd be interested in playing laser tag at Laser Quest and being a bit Juvenile for the night?? If you're interested, please email me at chanson1@utk.edu and subject head it: LASER TAG!! If enough people get interested, I'll try and arrange a date that will accommodate as many people as possible. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT, Currie-I thought you'd like this idea. I think I should be the Steiner Manager to go along with my other important titles (ie..Vixen, Account Rep, Goddess, you know) C U in a few days.....I'm that hot broad that sits at the front table and interacts with the cast as much as possible! :) MUCH LOVE--CERI