Jennifer, the door girl
Jenniferís fascination with doors began in 1989 when she went to work for the local movie theater. Back then, her job was limited to popping popcorn and opening the door for patrons who had just mortgaged their homes to pay for their concessions. Sixteen years later, Jennifer still works for the same company. How many people can say they still work for the same company they did in high school? Now, thatís ambition! Unfortunately Jennifer has been promoted out of all her door duties and has come to realize that opening doors provided her with a sense of accomplishment that was missing i n her life. She also realized that Einstein Simplified had a door that needed to be opened instead of kicked down. It seemed like a perfect fit. Jennifer pitched the idea of Door Girl to Paul who, knowing that she was the only person interested in the position, still made her audition and continues to critique her door opening moves. Reluctantly, the group agreed to let Jennifer be Door Girl until they could find someone better. Einstein Simplified now has a Door Girl and Jennifer has regained her sense of purpose. Letís just hope that the chair doesnít learn to work a door knob.
Jennifer went on to bigger and better doors in August of 2007.
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