Justin was born and raised in the small "I-can't-find-that -on-a-map-or-in-any-atlas" town of Wallaceburg in Ontario, Canada. At a young, tender age, he took up hockey - eh (in Canada you MUST follow the word hockey with "eh") but was not exactly what one might describe as even remotely similar to good at it. Tears frozen to his eyes, he moved on, discovering a love for basketball and Michael Jordan, though Jordan still has not responded to his simple letters of love and romance - on and off the court. It was at 17 years of age that Justin took a risk and moved to Oak Ridge TN to live with his dad and family there. Finding comfort with a video camera in his hands he now embarks on the tireless job of shooting (in a video sense, not a drive-by sense) local businesses and making them local TV stars. Yes, young Justin has blackmail tape of just about every good citizen of Knoxville so cheer loudly for him when you see him on stage - OR ELSE YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHO YOU MIGHT SEE ON TV!!!
Justin left us shortly after joining, that December in fact. Justin is currently touring the world juggling or juggling worlds while touring.
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