Michael Richardson, savior in training.
Born under the star sign Virgo - the placid, Michael was forever cursed with limp comedy. For years this tormented him as he traveled the world in search of a cure to his unique malady. On one ordinary evening after being invited out for a night of revelry, Michael was introduced to the genius which is, Einstein Simplified. The stars did align that night and a path was shown which would lead Michael out of his weak comedy and into rock hard humor. Over the course of many years, under the guise of a common audience folk, Michael studied every move by the troupe. In secret Michael not only learned how to make his comedy strong, but also how to make it bend into amazing spaces and beyond comprehension. Through a beer inspired pact, Michael took the final step to become fully cured. This step was to help spread the power and humor of Einstein Simplified as a member. Though the training was rough, often fraught with perilous games, Michael persevered and was finally accepted into the fold. Now Michael performs along with his saviors to help save others from their limp comedy.

May the way of Einstein Simplified enlighten your soul to the humor within us all.
--Anonymous Einstein Simplified Sage--
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