Roy DeLaRosa - Makin' Benjamins.
A fan and student of comedy, film, music, sports, history, literature and general pop culture, one might consider Roy a neo-renaissance man... or just able to talk incessantly about nothing at all. A product of Chicago, pit stopping in Wisconsin for a few years, Roy eventually made his way to Tennessee. His time in Knoxville has allowed him the esteemed privilege of earning a degree from the University of Tennessee. Having been to several shows, off and on throughout the years, Roy first met Lance Harwell and Dave Snow after one of the shows in attempt to strike up some form of a writing collective. Sharing similar ideas but not similar schedules, Roy was convinced to try working out with the group. Having never done any sort of acting before, the sensation of being on stage came all too natural to him. If you need to find Roy when he's not on stage, he can be found at work, watching any number of bands play at any given time or drinking coffee somewhere (hopefully still writing).
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