The musician of the group. Abrasive, aggressive, over-educated. The Grand Vizier of Vituperation. Potentate of Pedantry.
Born in Winchester, Virginia. Through some odd confluence of circumstances, Todd found himself in college: Five years later, he had a Master's Degree in English. Ah, from small acorns . . . Upon moving to Knoxville, Todd was playing his guitar at various open mic nights when he saw Einstein Simplified perform. Todd heard the 'steiners say they were looking for new members. It was at this audition Todd met his evil brother, Steve Denton. Let's not talk about the latent elements of their relationship! Todd has performed with Einstein Simplified for the past several years and loved nearly every second. He is a lawyer, wrote the theme song for Einstein Simplified and generally availed himself of the multifarious pleasures life has to offer, including, but not limited to, the occasional beer, a rugged game of poker, a bracing game of chess, and a daring game of spin the bottle. Todd finds solace in the notion that, "Laughter is resistance." Todd implores you to join in the resistance with Einstein Simplified. Todd officially retired the same day Bill Slayden did, June 28, 2005.
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