Wes Hope joined the group in the late 1900's. September 1999 to be exact. Wes is a photojournalist by day, a graduate of UT in Anthropology by midafternoon and an evening person by night. He has two goals left to accomplish in life having already married the girl of his dreams: Have one of his pictures grace the cover of National Geographic and have the whole world laugh at him through either feature films or the Einstein Simplified television show. This just in! Wes is getting closer to the National Geographic goal, check out his photo at The Washington Post's picture of the day for August 10th < click here>. Wes is second only to Bill in his mastery of dialects and obscure cinematography knowledge.
Check out Wes's online portfolio by clicking <here>.
More importantly hire Wes as he is freelance and excellent to boot.
Visit his website "Hope Photo." to see some of his fantastic wedding photos. Visit his other website at Wes Hope website to see some of the miscellaneous photos.
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