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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: Tom Morris
Sent: Tue December 18 2001 03:42 AM

Hey Einstien this is Tom and Jenn your hardcore psycho stalking fans in the front row. We have a BIG surprise for you guys tonight.

Name: Steve Denton
Sent: Sat December 15 2001 05:09 PM

Oh my Joe, you flatter us! You may mispell more words since moving to Nashville, but you still love us.

Name: joe giordano
Sent: Sat December 15 2001 09:41 AM

Hello you raucaus einsteinians and fans of einstein!!! Just wanted to pledge my support for the best damn improv group to ever come out of Alaska and Tennessee!! Nashville is much bigger and has more theater, but the improv here doesn't come close to what you all are experiencing in KNOXVILLE! So, for those of you in Knoxville who are sitting at home on tuesday nights, sipping on your 13th Natty Lite and second pack of cigarettes while catching up on the newest season Ally fucking McBeal that you've been taping for your last month and a half of your miserable life, you COULD be out tearing up a gut with laughter at the funniest live act within ATLEAST two hundred and fifty miles and probably even more!!!! Okay, so you're not watching "artists" up there on stage. Waah. Big deal. Who likes artists? Artists are boring pricks!! What you're watching is an entre of comedy seasoned with sprinkle of bitter and all the laughter you can eat, timed perfectly so as to come out fresh and tasty and...OH, GOD SOMEONE SHUT ME UP!!!!

Name: bruno fassenbinder
Sent: Tue December 11 2001 10:56 AM

hello! dirty sanchez! my chimichanga!

Name: blue man group
Sent: Tue December 11 2001 10:55 AM

we are still watching

Name: Reverend Jing Ram Diddly
Sent: Mon December 10 2001 02:49 PM

Amen Brother!Preach on and testify. Merry Christmas

Name: Brad C. Hodson
Sent: Mon December 10 2001 12:31 PM


Name: Bruno Fassenbinder
Sent: Fri December 07 2001 07:28 AM

Jelly Donut??? Why would I even eat that American garbage. In my home Canton we eat only the most deliscious eclairs.