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Paul Simmons

Paul Simmons has been with Einstein Simplified since day one. His enthusiasm and drive has resulted in his being labeled the "Heart and Soul" of the troupe. Computer guru by day and comedian by night he has enjoyed being able to grow his comedy skills by teaching several courses in comedy and improv over the years. Quiet and reserved until he takes the stage or you get to know him, he is always ready to entertain and make others laugh.

Paul also enjoys the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and would encourage anyone who is interested to attend DragonCon which is held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. You are guaranteed to have a blast.

Frank Murphy

On weekday mornings, Frank Murphy can be heard as a co-host of the Marc & Kim and Frank show on Star 102.1 in Knoxville. On Saturday mornings, he can be seen as co-host of Smoky Mountain Magazine on East Tennessee PBS. On Tuesday evenings, Frank can be found on stage with the comedy improv group Einstein Simplified at Side Splitters Comedy Club.

Frank has been using social media since 2005 when he started a daily blog at He can also be found on Facebook and he is active on Twitter as @FrankMurphyCom.

Prior to moving to Tennessee, Frank worked at radio stations in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. He graduated from George Mason University, where he won the Senior of the Year award.

For the past ten years, Frank has been gradually working toward his goal of visiting all 50 states. He reached his "final four" in the summer of 2011. In addition to traveling, Frank enjoys swimming, pop culture and dessert.


Dave Fennell

Born in 1975 with a wrench in one hand and a rubber chicken in the other, his family still complains. Growing up Dave had to be the center of attention.

Finding it difficult to balance his two loves, comedy and cars, he realized that he could make money with one of them. Cars.

No degrees, fancy certificates or trophies, (unless you count his ASE certification, and we doubt you did), he's just an average guy who happens to be exceptionally funny.

Greg Huff

Greg grew up just down the road in Maryville, Wildwood to be more specific. He actually grew up working on a family farm, yeah, he knows he seems like such a good ole country boy. From animal husbandry he went onto graduate from UT with a writing degree and a smattering of stuff involving broadcasting and cinema studies, yeah, he knows he goes to a lot of movies. Currently Greg works in the lucrative world of local TV news, until he wins the lottery or other fiscal windfall occurs.

Greg's foray into the Comedy Improv world is one of growth and attrition. His first taste of it came from watching reruns of "Whose Line is it Anyway." He first heard of Einstein Simplified from Marshall, offspring of Bill "The Animal" Slayden, when they had a class together. After years of being a fan, taking Paul's improv class, one failed attempt at making the troupe, a short-lived improv troupe with some friends and actually missing the show for just this side of one year due to work conflicts, he finally made it onto the glorious stage.

Quoting the ever optimistic Greg, "Well dang, now the trick is to stay there!"

Aaron Littleton

Aaron Littleton is a hominid that lives roughly 26,000 light years from galactic center. A carbon based life form, Aaron will combust if exposed to temperatures higher than 473 C. A lack of chlorophyll deprives him of the benefits of photosynthesis. Therefore, Aaron both enjoys and requires consumption of plant and meat based nutrients.

Aaron has specific social needs, possibly related to insecurity about his lack of chlorophyll, that cannot be fulfilled without occasionally making a fool of himself in front of an audience. To meet those needs, he joined Einstein Simplified in 2010.

Aaron derives more comedic nutrients from his INNY Nominated comedy blog Fat Riker and his inexplicably popular Tumblr, The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day.

Stefanie Benjamin

Dr. Stefanie Benjamin started her improvisation career in 2013 at Trustus Theater in Columbia, South Carolina while pursuing her doctorate in Education. There she learned improvisational games and participated in several workshops during the Night Owl Improv Educational Program. After perfecting her craft, she helped create the Chuckle Sandwich Improv Group where she wrote comedy sketches, performed long and short form improv sets, and organized free monthly comedy shows at numerous venues in South Carolina. Her love for comedy and improv has crossed over to her academic world where she works with faculty and students to help them communicate their research in a creative and productive manner.

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