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CanStruction - November 6, 2002

This year we are collecting cash donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank Canstruction program. We will be building a structure at West Town Mall on November 6th out of cans purchased from your donations. By collecting cash we can purchase more cans through wholesale than if you brought in cans yourself. Please give generously on October 29th and November 5th. Thank you.
Pellissippi TRIO-SSS Show - October 23, 2002

We performed for the TRIO - Student Support Services group at Pellissippi State College. It was a tremendous success and we wish to thank all involved in bringing us to the campus. We shortened our show and went from 6:30 p.m. until about 7:45 p.m. to rave reviews from students, faculty and special guests. We look forward to performing there again, maybe even again on Mole day. Special thanks to James, Kevin, Robert, Sherry, Gregory, Marna and Barbara.
Einstein Simplified Yahoo Group Started - October 16, 2002

To make distribution of messages easier, give us more space for photos and to allow for future fun. Such as online chats, ongoing polls (automated and easier than the guestbook ones) and other such cool things. Just click the join button if you have a Yahoo ID and then follow the directions.
If you don't have a Yahoo ID just send an e-mail to einsteinsimplified-owner@yahoogroups.com and request an invitation to join. Click here to open a starter message. Then when you receive the e-mail invitation, just click on reply in your e-mail program and you will be a member.
Stuff the Bus Benefit - August 6, 2002

The benefit for the Stuff the Bus drive by the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries was a success. With the help of our generous audience we were able to contribute $79.11 to the fund that helps underprivileged children with school supplies. Honorable mention to the 99.5% ream of legal paper donated by Scrooge McDuck. Also, Paul sends his thanks to those who serenaded him on his birthday with a kudo to Kim for the cake. Mmm, chocolate.
What a great show - June 25, 2002

Brad, Justin and Frank proved their mettle Tuesday night as they entertained all with their comedy. Todd enjoyed his birthday with cupcakes galore for everyone at the show. Paul distributed prizes to those who bravely volunteered to participate on stage.
New additions on stage - June 25, 2002

After a while of five members only we are proud to announce the appearance of three new members on stage. The three will be performing for the first time this Tuesday. If they survive the probationary period and get the requisite amount of chuckles and guffaws per show they will be initiated in to the ranks of the true Einstein Simplified members. Please welcome them to the stage:  Brad (no a different one), Justin (he's Canadian) and Frank (Todd's good clone).
Farewell and good luck to Marshall Slayden

Marshall Slayden, long time fan, frequent suggestion giver and offspring primus of Bill Slayden is on his way west. West to Oklahoma to fulfill his dream of succeeding in radio. Marshall hosted his second show for us on June 4, 2002. Yes, Marshall is second to Sean as an audience member host. He did a fantastic job both times and he will be missed. Good luck Marshall, Bill has already sent money to you so get there fast.
Goodbye Josh, Goodbye Brad, Good Luck Both

Josh is in Birmingham, AL now as is Brad. Josh performed for the final time on February 26, 2002. Brad performed the last time on stage back in 2001 but his car engine dying in Birmingham closed the deal on his return. Brad is in Alabama with his bride and Josh is in Alabama with high hopes. We wish both well.
Venue Change OR Back to the Birthplace

February 26, 2002 Einstein Simplified will be returning to Manhattan's, our birthplace. Our last show at Patrick Sullivan's on the 19th was a huge success and we also had the 4th annual Einstein Simplified Awards as presented by Steve Denton. Congratulations to all the winners. Remember, its just an honor to be at the show.
Learn Improv from the Masters

That's right, the steiners are teaching their craft at Pellissippi college in Spring 2002. The class will be taught every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m., running from April 4 - May 9. The course allows you to let loose and enjoy yourself, no experience necessary. Follow the link to register for the class and we'll see you there. Click here to register for the Improv Comedy Fun Course.
Give me a Location ... and a Fiancée

Here's something you don't expect to get from a visit to an improv festival:   a fiancée. Say what? Well, we went to the Memphis Comedy Festival and Brad hit it off with one of the performers from the troupe Torrential Downplay. Her name is Shannon Neil, but will soon be Shannon Neil-Hodson. Ya gotsta ta keep ya heritage. They make a charming couple as her raw power compliments his tender shy side. Neither one particularly enjoys wearing socks.
December 18th Benefit Show Results

The show on December 18th was a big success. We raised $83.25 in cold hard cash and with contributions of food we weighed in at 54 pounds of edibles. Thank you all so much for coming out and supporting the cause. Also a big thanks to the surprise gifts of goodies and the large cookie which was shared by all. Our names were finally in lights ... Christmas tree lights ... made of frosting ... on a decorated cookie ... but in lights nevertheless. Thank you Tom, Jenn, Beth and all.
No Shows on December 25, 2001 or January 1, 2002

During the holiday season we like to spend time with our families and friends and pass that thought on to all of you, our loyal followers. This time of year visiting hours at the prison allow us to spend more time with those who lighten our life and warm our hearts. We are taking the break to renew our relationships with our incarcerated family and friends that we have framed over the years. Take time to do the same. See you all January 8, 2002.


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