About the Group


Einstein Simplified is Knoxville, Tennnessee's longest running comedy improvisational troupe. We have been entertaining Knoxvillians since August of 1994. We are currently performing at Side Splitters Comedy Comedy Club every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. We specialize in short form improv and guarantee at least 3 hours of uproarious laughter in every hour and a half show. Eight members strong we can trace our roots back to the common ancestor of homo amusus; in laymans terms we are all funny men. We each come from a different walk of life yet we create an amalgam of entertainment and raillery. Our shows consist of about 15-20 different improvisational games, selected from a list of over 100, and are driven by audience suggestions and sometimes include audience members.

As Einstein said "What has perhaps been overlooked is the irrational, the inconsistent, the droll, even the insane, which nature, inexhaustively operative, implants in an individual, seemingly for her amusement." Einstein Simplified is simply, naturally, the most amusing thing that nature could implant into society for its amusement. Don't overlook us, we are here to stay.

About the Members

Paul Simmons
Paul has been with Einstein Simplified since its inception in August 1994. A computer engineer for a paycheck he is a comedian for his heart and soul. Among his goals for world conquest are to amass a fortune, have his own HBO special and to enrich the world with laughter. He has ventured in to the world of standup and will continue branching out in the near future. This Leo has comedy claws that don't retract.

Frank Murphy
Frank Murphy is a relative newcomer to the world of improv comedy. In April 2000, he took an introductory improv class offered by the City of Burbank (California) Department of Parks & Recreation for students aged 13 and up. Murphy has worked behind the scenes at radio stations in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA and seen things he shouldn't have. He is now in the Federal Witness Protection Program. If you ever see Murphy in the outside world, please refer to him by his cover name, "Todd".

Dave Snow
From out of the crowd and onto the stage, the latest member is finally on the receiving end of obnoxious comments shouted from the crowd. Joining on August 24, 2004 Dave is a fine addition to the troupe.

Greg Huff
Long time watcher, now full time member Greg Huff joined us on stage August 9, 2005.

Dave Fennell
Another Dave? Why not, we've had two Brads now. Dave joined us the same day as Greg, August 9, 2005.

Lance Harwell
Being a friend of Snow didn't keep him out, though it should have. Lance joined us February 7, 2006. He joined the Air Force and performed for the last time (for a while) on January 29, 2008. When he gets leave he will be back.

Mike Richardson
Starting his run of trying out back in November of 2005, Mike officially became a member after he hosted is first show November 7, 2006. Even though he had been performing with us for a lot longer.

Roy DeLaRosa
Roy joined us on stage intermittently from late 2007 to early 2008. He was officially brought in as a new member on April 8, 2008.

Aaron Littleton
Aaron joined us on stage in August of 2010. He was officially knighted with a chair on August 17, 2010.

Megan is our notetaker and an excellent suggestion provider. She also assists with the collection of chair boards at the end of the show.

Special Guests

Even though they are not in the regular Tuesday rotation, Brad Bumgardner and Bill Slayden still join us on occasion at our regular weekly Square Room show.

The Lunch Room Former Members

Jennifer Bohlken
Wes Hope
Bill Slayden CPA
Todd Covert
Brad Bumgardner
Steve Denton
Holly Loy
Beckie Gill
Justin Benoit
Josh Davenport
Brad C. Hodson
Currie Adams
Joe Giordano
Brian Dunigen
April Rogers
Peyton Wilson
Tiffany (Noel) Smith
Katie Heyes
Randy Raley
Heather Locke
Lynette Miller
Ron Bonitatibus
Kevin Callahan
Leanne Trivett
Debbie Feldman
Doug McCaughan
Carey Holman
Shane Christopher
Andy Carlton


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