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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Sent: Sun August 22 2004 02:49 PM

GREAT SHOW last night GUYS! I appreciate the KUDOS even though I've been busy for the past year!!! I'll pop in from time to time to see a show and bring some friends with me! Keep up the great fun and I hope it lasts another 10!!!!

Name: Dan McCord
Sent: Sun August 22 2004 06:05 AM

Hey guys Just wanted to say that the tenth anniversary show was a GREAT show! From the opening countdown all the way to the credits it was amazing....Even with the box on our table. You guys are awesome and you deserve alot of congrats and thanks for keeping us laughing for ten years. Also, Dave should be a good addition. Let's see if he can think as good on the stage as he does in the audience. Anway, Congrats again guys. Thanks for the laughs. Dan McCord P.S. I am buying Steves book my next payday.

Name: Dan McCord
Sent: Fri August 20 2004 04:28 PM

I know its a bit late, but I will be there with a few friends in tow. You guys are great congrats on 10 years!

Name: Wes Hope
Sent: Wed August 18 2004 09:08 AM

I like this memorable line of the week thing. I hope this starts a new tradition. Dry. Too dang funny. -Wes

Name: Paul
Sent: Wed August 18 2004 04:11 AM

This week's memorable line was more a memorable word as spoken by Frank Murphy. That word being 'dry'. Poor Susan. Congratulations Frank, your out for the next show but Wes is back in.

Name: Webmaster
Sent: Tue August 17 2004 08:35 AM

Upon advice of counsel multiple messages have been removed from the guestbook. The thread that had developed had become invective and tirade littered and in the vernacular of the web was a æflame warÆ. Not to dissuade those who would like to propose a viewpoint of incomplete satisfaction or, dare we say, total dislike to the show we offer on a weekly basis the following is a cleansed version of multiple postings. The nominatives have been obfuscated, simply because it can be done. Person 1 - I saw your show but did not care for it. Member 1 - Okay, your opinion is noted. Member 2 - Oh really. Well then. And some more as well. Person 1 - My goodness. I reiterate. Fan 1 - I saw your posting as well. And there it is. Member 1 - Some messages are deleted due to their generic or non-disclosure nature. It happens. Person 1 - Okay. I understand and will remain generic now that it is noted. Member 2 - Oh yeah. I have further responses to add to my previous post. Member 3 - Member 2 is posting. Thank you Member 1 for a previous post. Note that the show has no cover. Person 1 - The differences of responses has been interesting. Analysis of the variances would be potentially educational. Member 2 - Greetings Person 1. Courage has been displayed in your postings. I wonder if you have read an article on us prompting your attendance. Analysis of our show can be interesting as well. I have a great deal of free time now. Perhaps sometime we could get together and discuss diametrically opposed ideas, if it is possible. Person 1 - I recant on a previously stated observation. Your post is intriguing and has established an unanticipated reaction in myself. Member 4 - This discourse, while stimulating, could pose a potential health threat to Member 2. Reiteration of gratitude for attendance is in order and is being expressed as well as hope that the local establishment that houses the performances cited here is being supported. The invitation to attend is still open as is the understanding that acceptance or refusal of said invitation is a fully granted possibility in our free society today. In an expository fashion I state that improvisation is characterized by a large number of highly variable factors and the results are best averaged together after multiple data sets are gathered. Continue to exercise non presence in both the physical and digital realms, it is your right. Member 3 - The title of æesquireÆ is attributable to Member 4. Person 1 - My state is one of finality. Emoting of non-positive energy is not present. An equitable and balanced discourse is proposed for future social intercourse as perception is not in line with equilibrium in a personal analysis of previous postings. I now take my leave. Member 1 - Gratitude is expressed for forthright opinions and a reminder is issued in regards to future and special presentations. Also it is noted that discussion is an excellent stimulus. Member 2 - I am uncomfortable with anonymity. Evaluation of your opinions has resurfaced my own opinions which are in contrast to your expressed opinions. I have not participated in the last two performances. My age demographic is well beyond that of the target age demographic of ôTeen Beatö. I assert no issues and express my complete satisfaction with my personal status quo. Fan 1 - Topical discourse is enjoyed by me. The topic of discourse I choose is not necessarily a reflection of my personally held views. Fans 2 and 3 - Enjoyment is had when we see so many members posting. Non-disclosure also creates inner turmoil with us as well. Person 1 - Citing exact wording from a previous posting I am still perplexed by the non-branching approach of opinion analysis as well as the perceived requirement of unity in the set described as ~{localized individual entity}. I assert that entropy is an immutable law. While unexpected, this response is deemed legitimate as the conclusion was perceived to be potentially open ended and therefore required closure. Pardon, to clarify further, required further fuel, and then when the fuel is exhausted, can experience proper closure. Member 3 Spouse - Everyone, I invite you to expand your horizons. The nature of the postings and their length has had a significant personal chronometric impact. I note the similarity of a natal ward and the current guestbook environment. I echo the invitation to expand your horizons. This concludes the summary of the posts that have been removed from the guestbook. To reiterate, the posting of opinions is welcomed, whether they be positive or negative. The digression into invectives and tirades will not be tolerated. If a further discussion is desired it is recommended that a new branch be started in the Bulletin Board section of the Einstein Simplified site. The URL is: http://www.einsteinsimplified.com/bboard/ and it allows for a discussion branch to be isolated from the rest of the bulletin board. The guestbook is a legacy that is maintained externally as a courtesy to long time fans. Please note that this concludes all discussion in the guestbook regarding this topic. If you feel the need, whether you be a fan, non-fan, member or other your message will be removed and you will be directed to the bulletin board where others are not required to read your post. Thank you, Einstein Simplified Webmaster webmaster@einsteinsimplified.com

Name: Paul
Sent: Thu August 12 2004 02:31 PM

This week's memorable line. During invader when the barrier was Manatees Bill guessed possum and Wes replied with, "Well, they are the possum of the sea" Congratulations Wes, you win the line of the week. You will be ineligible for the coming weeks competition.

Name: Jesse
Homepage: http://www.MangyDog.com
City: Clinton, TN
Sent: Sat August 07 2004 08:14 AM

Greetings . . . My name is Jesse Perry. I was born in Clinton, TN, and now I live in Nashville, doing stand-up comedy. I heard about you guys and was wondering if you guys might be interested in possibly doing a combined comedy show. Check out my web site, www.MangyDog.com, as well as www.NashvilleStandup.com . . . Perhaps we could combine forces for some shows? Drop me a line if anybody's interested, or sign up for the Mangy forum and we can talk about it there. Go Comedy, Jesse Perry, Shameless Plugger www.JessePerry.com www.MangyDog.com www.NashvilleStandup.com

Name: Jennifer
City: Knoxville
Sent: Fri August 06 2004 06:16 AM

Happy Birthday Paul! I wanted to share a website that Frank needs to visit. It has a quiz called Dead or Alive. I thought with his unhealthy obsession with dead celebrities this quiz would be perfect for him. Here is the address: http://www.coolquiz.com/quizzes/deadoralive/ Also, I pray that Steve will get better soon. Please keep us updated. Jennifer Bumgardner (Brad's Sister)

Name: Paul
Sent: Thu August 05 2004 03:59 AM

Check out the feature article by Paige Travis in this weeks MetroPulse. Pick up a copy or check it out online at http://www.metropulse.com/dir_zine/dir_2004/1432/t_gamut.html Thank you Paige.

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