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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: Paul
Homepage: http://www.EinsteinSimplified.com
City: Knoxville
Sent: Fri January 04 2002 09:33 AM

Hang in there Kim and all the rest. We are fast coming upon the day of our triumphant return. Yes, January 8, 2002 is closer than you think. We have all survived Christmas and New Year with the anticipation of humors return. Take a deep breath, scream 'Chair!' and all will be better soon enough.

Name: KIM
Sent: Fri January 04 2002 06:47 AM

Help... having improv withdrawals...must see the guys ...must laugh...must chuckle...must giggle hysterically...Tuesday seems so far away...light dwindling...life seems worthless...help...

Name: Greg Childers
Homepage: http://www.vertical-imbalance.com/
City: Memphis, TN
Sent: Thu January 03 2002 04:30 PM

So Brad and Shannon are getting married. Congratulations! We're glad that we were able to bring you two together at the Memphis Comedy Festival. Hey, I have an idea. We can bill the next one as the MEMPHIS COMEDY FESTIVAL & DATING SERVICE. We'll make millions! I like this idea a lot.

Name: Wes
Homepage: http://www.einsteinsimplified.com
Sent: Thu January 03 2002 03:46 AM

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Name: Jennifer
Sent: Wed January 02 2002 02:49 AM

happy new year!

Name: Blue Man Group
City: Blue Planet
Sent: Mon December 31 2001 08:27 AM


Name: Kelsi
Sent: Wed December 26 2001 07:52 AM

Merry after christmas! I hope y'all have had a wonderful christmas. I have had several people ask about my Einstein Simplified shirt while i have been visiting my family in Washington DC. Perhaps we will have some non-Knoxvillians visit in the weeks to come...anyway, no snow here yet so life sucks everywhere if you don't live in Buffalo NY! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kelsi

Name: Jennifer
Sent: Tue December 25 2001 09:06 AM

merry christmas! we miss you guys. it's going to be hard for us to go this long without seeing the show. i hope you all enjoyed your bags of goodies.

Name: Steve
Sent: Tue December 25 2001 04:22 AM

Yes Wes, our fans do flat our rock, even though it is illeagal in 3 states and most Pacific Island nations to do so.

Name: Wes
Homepage: http://www.einsteinsimplified.com
City: USofA
Sent: Tue December 18 2001 05:09 PM

THANKS TO ALL THE WONDERFUL FANS WHO DONATED FOOD AND DINERO FOR THE SECOND HARVEST BENEFIT SHOW TONIGHT!! Ya'll flat our rock! PLUS thanks to the great SUPERFANS and the bags of goodies!! It was the funniest thing when Danielle and I got pulled over on Alcoa Hiway on the way home and the copper asked what was in the bag... Nothing Occifer, just your normal run of the mill, bag o' cocks. We gave him the broken cookie and he drove off with a smile on his face. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!! Happy Holidays, God bless, safe journeys, and hope you all get a Red Ryder Deluxe Air Rifle!!! See everyone in "the Deuce". --Wes "My Frickin' Jaw is Sore From Tonite's HiJix" Hope

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