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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: Paul & Michelle
Sent: Sat December 14 2002 04:05 PM

Thanks Kelsi, you're right, we did. Nothing like the office Christmas party to bring out the good duds. We looked really good when we stopped at Subway on the way home. Not too much vegetarian fare at the party.

Name: Kelsi
Sent: Sat December 14 2002 03:20 PM

Thanks Wes! I hope she looks better when she is born though... Hi Paul and Michelle - I just saw you here at my work (Radisson). You both looked quite snazzy in your evening wear!

Name: God
City: Up
Sent: Fri December 13 2002 06:09 AM

Aubrey dear, why do you curse my son, Jesus, on his birthday? He hasn't done anything to you. I don't really think it's fair. It's not His fault that the members of Einstein Simplified (some of my finest comedic work if I do say so myself) would like to spend time with their families for the holidays. Or that they would like the same for their loyal fans. And why didn't you knock the New Year's Baby too? The Steiners are going to be out that day. Please, in this age of hatred we all need to love one another. I've been smoting for years and years and I'd hate to fire off a lightning bolt or two for random cursing of my kids. What kind of Father would I be? So be well this holiday season. And if you're that bummed about missing a show, then adjust your schedule. I know you've got a plethora of witty suggestions to throw at the guys and they'd hate to not see you. I may just even reward you for your good behavior. -God

Name: aubrey
City: PDX
Sent: Thu December 12 2002 06:18 PM

OK...I think I'm not even gonna get to see a show while I'm in town. First tuesday is Christmas eve, second is new years eve, third is day I leave. I curse the gods...especially that jesus one for messing up my 'stein watching plans!!!! ~aubrey

Name: jennifer
Homepage: http://www.bellflowerjewelry.com
City: clinton
Sent: Thu December 12 2002 05:51 AM

7 point lead now!!!!

Name: Wes
Sent: Wed December 11 2002 05:49 PM

Oh yeah Kels... cute kid you got growin' there. I meant to tell you last night but forgot... W

Name: Wes
Homepage: http://www.americanphotojournalist.com/member.php?
Sent: Wed December 11 2002 05:47 PM

Don't look now gang, but we're pulling away in the Top 50 (4 point lead right now). Keep voting!! Thanks to everyone for the great show last night. -W

Name: kelsi
Homepage: http://web.utk.edu/~kstembel/Its%20a%20Girl.html
Sent: Fri December 06 2002 06:19 PM

Frank, I saw you on TV. Nice haircut, and great mention of the canstruction. Thank all of you again for the card last week. You are all *almost* as funny on paper as on stage. See ya Tuesday! Oh wes, try "oscar moment, musical moment" I know you just played it, but get steve to sing. thats always entertaining. OR - how 'bout national anthem? Bill (suprisingly) is usually really good at it!

Name: Wes
Homepage: http://www.americanphotojournalist.com/member.php?
Sent: Wed December 04 2002 07:12 PM

Thanks for the comments kids. The Cal Ripken shot was at an exhibition game 2 years ago. And the firefighters and the tree is one of my all time favorites too. I originally had a photo of the group on there but decided that the folio needed to reflect what I can shoot as far as 'photojournalism' goes. But there is mention of my brothers in humor. See all next Tuesday. Are there any games that we haven't played in a while that some of you fans are wanted to see??? W

Name: Kelsi
Sent: Tue December 03 2002 12:32 PM

Nice pictures, Wes! I liked the one of Cal ripkin. I haven't even seen him since my senior year of high school(He looks older)! See y'all tonite!

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