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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Sent: Tue October 15 2002 11:36 AM

Steve or Todd would win. Todd because he is one step away from killing already. Steve would also fare well as he is infected with road rage and would do anything to win. Watch out for BIll however, he is an old wily dude.

Name: Ian Incognito
Sent: Mon October 14 2002 10:50 AM

I will use my own name while avoiding the annoying USE OF ALL CAPS! Ian Incognito Less well known than Anonymous but far more popular than unspecified

Name: Anon E. Mous
Sent: Mon October 14 2002 03:54 AM


Sent: Sun October 13 2002 02:37 PM


Name: Anonymous
Sent: Sun October 13 2002 01:19 PM

I would pay good money to see the Celebrity Death Match of Brad and Steve. Sumo on crack. Bouncing, crushing, winded sprints of 3 feet and finally a clash of titanic, girthsome 'love tanks'.

Name: Brad
Sent: Fri October 11 2002 10:42 AM

O.K..... I just now caught up with this Ultimate Fighter poll. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING!!! Of course, if there was an ultimate fighter in our improv group, I would win. All I have to do is knock someone to the ground and stand on thier chest,....game over.....fatality.....Brad's da man!

Name: jennifer
City: clinton
Sent: Thu October 10 2002 02:33 PM

well i spoke too soon. i'm back at my apartment (haven't been here in a couple of days), and it's saying that i have voted in the last 24 hours. i'll send the email. well for the poll, i'm voting for todd.

Name: Einstein Simplified
Sent: Thu October 10 2002 08:42 AM

Attention all fans. If you go to the Improv Top 50 and receive an "already voted" message when you have not already voted, please compose a mail message stating this and send it to: mullaney@improvisation.ws NOTE: The faq at the site says that if you receive the message you should try back later that same day and it should work. Cite this as the case and note it well. Always include your email address and how you connect to the internet, examples: AOL, Earthlink, Public Library, At school (UT, Pellissippi, etc.), from work, etc. Thanks and keep up the voting.

Name: jennifer
City: clinton
Sent: Wed October 09 2002 04:55 PM

i've emailed the guy before (twice), but it doesn't seem to help. i've noticed that it's worse on some computers. i get that message constantly on my computer, about half the time on the computers at work, but hardly ever on tom's computer or the computers at school. i've not been getting the message this week though (but i've just been on tom's computer). well since earlier this afternoon (because i checked earlier today) someone has changed the top three slots in the improv top 50 to ogrish.com?? not a nice website, so i bet that will be fixed quickly. if you go by that i guess you're #1 right now.

Name: Steve Denton
Sent: Wed October 09 2002 11:34 AM

Hey Einstein faithful, the Improv Top 50 voting thingy is a sham. It has not let me cast a vote all week, it keeps teling me that I have already voted in the last 24 hours, when in reality I have not voted since Sunday. It's rigged so that all the groups from the Northeast will win all the time. Look what happened after the first and only time we won the week's voting, they changed the parameters so we would be cheated out of our votes. Email the guy who runs the site and complain. Refer him to this message.

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