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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: Big Bob
Sent: Mon May 06 2002 09:39 AM

You actually LIKE THEM?!?!?!

Name: Tom "Superfan" Morris
City: k-town
Sent: Mon May 06 2002 08:11 AM

Hey we happen to like those shirts!!

Name: Big Bod
Sent: Sat May 04 2002 12:22 PM

Ive been coming to the show for a couple of weeks now and its great...but who are those really annoying people in the front who are always wearing tie dyed shirts????

Name: Tom ( who wears the Hat) Quaranto
Sent: Fri May 03 2002 09:22 AM

This comeing May 9 at 6:30pm, the greatest improv show unearthed will be presented at the Pellissippi state college theater, by the soon to be world renowned comedy improv fun class. Our Motto "TODAY Pellissippi state! TOMMOROW <( 00)> Einstein simplified!!!!!!!!"

Name: Paul Simmons
Homepage: http://www.EinsteinSimplified.com
City: Knoxville
Sent: Thu May 02 2002 08:38 AM

Hi everybody, Kelsi, the Toms and Jennifer. I'm looking in to why we are getting duplicate postings in the guestbook. So if you see that the duplicates are not there, I've fixed it. Okay, looks like the guestbook is taking a long time once the submit button is clicked. Just be patient and wait for it to finish. It can take up to a minute or two. No problem for us, just more messages to read and enjoy. Also, thanks to everyone who has been voting for us this week. We might even break 200 votes. I don't think I've ever seen any other group do that. Thanks to all the great folks who came this week to enjoy The "wohS sdrawkcaB"

Sent: Thu May 02 2002 06:24 AM


Name: Tom (Who wears the hat ) Quaranto
Sent: Wed May 01 2002 10:40 AM

well all I can say after seeing last nights show is they got it all backwards.

Name: jenn and tom
Sent: Tue April 30 2002 07:07 AM

wow....congratulations you guys have been #1 all week and i don't think the others can catch up now. see you guys tonight.

Name: Tom (who wears the hat) Quaranto
Sent: Tue April 30 2002 04:58 AM

We have an instructor and his name is Paul da do run run run da do run run he is teaching improv to us one and all da do run run run da do run run. he jumps around the class like a leaping frog da do run run run da do run run yes he name is Paul, yes he can do it all he takes a great prat fall da do run run run da do run run

Name: Ryan
City: Knoxville
Sent: Sun April 28 2002 04:38 AM

Hi, Caught the show it was a good one. Been reading this Guestbook, can I get that Tall Blondes number who mentioned something about "abreast"? Let me know and I will see the show again. Ryan

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