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The last message from a fan was in 2012. Most are using our facebook page now for comments. So message submission has been turned off, but the guestbook remains for your perusal. Enjoy the historical records.

Name: jennifer
Sent: Mon April 08 2002 09:02 AM

you met me on a tuesday and my name is jen da doo run run run da doo run run and i haven't missed a show since you don't know when da doo run run run da doo run run do do doo yeah, i made einstein shirts with a sharpie pen i've been coming through thick and thin through manhattan's to patrick sullivan's and back to manhattan's again da doo run run run da doo run run i hope when you guys read this you all will grin da doo run run run da doo run run

Name: Wes
Sent: Sun April 07 2002 03:08 PM

Thanks to everyone that donated money to the MS Walk. The walk was a huge success. The Maryville goal was $5000 and as of Saturday night we had over $10,000. And the pledges are still coming in. Thanks again... See you Tuesday. :wes

Name: Wes
Sent: Wed April 03 2002 11:59 AM

I was the Emcee and my name is Wes Da Doo Run Run Da Doo Run Run Last night's audience was simply the best Da Doo Run Run Da Doo Run Run Do Do Doo Yeah, you expected no less And had to get it off your chest No, you just would not rest... Until we played $#%@&^*@& INVADER!!!!! Thanks for the great suggestions last night. Keep it up!! :Wes

Name: jennifer
Sent: Sun March 31 2002 08:59 AM

happy easter!

Name: jenn and tom
Sent: Tue March 26 2002 04:16 AM

wes, can we request props next week? we have a certain prop you guys should really enjoy. well there is 2 things we will happily bring (especially since you said the bigger the better). mr. webmaster, the surprise will finally happen next week. i'm still not ready for this week.

Name: ES Webmaster (The Real One)
Homepage: http://www.EinsteinSimplified.com
City: Knoxville
Sent: Tue March 19 2002 05:22 AM

Do not use the Webmaster name lest ye be the webmaster. Note that thou hast been placed in Trouble Town. It is but a simple matter to smote your message, but it has been left as an example. Desist from further digressions lest ye postings be blocked.

Name: Mr. Donald Key
City: Dulach County
Sent: Tue March 19 2002 04:17 AM

waahoo- i'm not alone ps i'm hanging out with the snorks

Name: Webmaster
City: !-Trouble Town-!
Sent: Mon March 18 2002 02:44 PM

Who will be the mystery guest emcee? Only Tuesday will tell!

Name: Dirty Sanchez
Sent: Mon March 18 2002 02:42 PM


Name: Particle Man
City: Birdhouse in your soul
Sent: Mon March 18 2002 02:41 PM

I'm doin' the things a particle can! I'm not a speck, but I'd love to emcee, I'm particle man!

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